“Georgia Hot Tap” is an owner operated company specializing in line freezing and hot taps on mechanical and industrial piping systems, compressed air, steam, natural gas and fire protection systems. We have combined  35 years experience in the piping industry as certified welders and pipefitters.  We provide only the highest quality of service for our customers. 

  We are fully insured and specialize in office buildings, data centers, hospitals, manufacturing plants, etc. We provide fume extractors, fire protection equipment, tapping machines that operate on 115V (no high pressure air or hydraulic hoses) and welding machines that also operate on 115V for convenience. We also have larger welders for the bigger jobs and pipe testing equipment to test the integrity of lines before welding.  We are a tapping and line freezing company only, not a mechanical contractor doing hot taps and freezes on the side . Our rates are the lowest in the industry. We currently can provide service  for 3/8" up to 24"lines.

 Our goal is to provide a professional service at the absolute lowest price possible. Our service area includes Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee. Please call or e-mail us for a quote.  

Scott Bechtler, Owner

Scott Bechtler